Diversified Revenue Stream to Treasury

The Treasury serves as a vital component within the Vimverse protocol, representing all assets owned and managed by the protocol. Its primary responsibility is to guarantee VIM liquidity in open markets and stabilize the VIM token through direct market operations under specific circumstances.

Vimverse generates income from diverse sources including bond and NFT sales, NFT/token trading fees, and profits from active market-making, enhancing liquidity and VIM token stability.

Enhanced capital efficiency will also boost income from VIM trading fees.

Each VIM token is backed by 1 USDT in the Treasury. When VIM trades below 1 USDT, the protocol initiates a buyback and burns VIM tokens; conversely, when VIM trades above 1 USDT, the protocol mints and sells new VIM tokens. This ensures that, in the long term, VIM will never trade below its intrinsic value.

Since the Treasury must hold at least 1 USDT for each VIM token, it generates a profit every time it buys or sells, which is then distributed among the community. In contrast to the TVL (total locked value) in other protocols, which can be easily withdrawn, the value of the Vimverse Treasury will continue to grow alongside the community's expansion (except during buybacks).

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