🐱Woof Woof West

Prepare yourself for an upcoming adventure in the realm of cats and dogs within Vimverse, where the discovery of precious gem mines will lure a multitude of fortune seekers.

As newcomers venture westward in pursuit of gem-rich mines, bustling mining towns will spring up throughout the region. The resulting chaos and overcrowding of these settlements will give rise to lawlessness, rampant banditry, gambling, and violence.

At the epicenter of the action will lie Woof Woof Town, where cats and dogs will carve out their domain. Over time, they will form three factions: diligent Miners, ruthless Bandits, and dedicated Bounty Hunters. Each group will mine, kidnap, rob, and battle for the enticing rewards that come with considerable risks. But life in Woof Woof Town will not be all about rivalry; the inhabitants will also embark on adventures, foster friendships, and adopt orphans in need.

In this thrilling world, VIM, GEM and PAW tokens will play a crucial role. Stay tuned and get ready to join the adventure in Woof Woof West!

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